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Our Director

Mary Carroll French

Welcome to The Jack and Jill School


The Jack & Jill School at St. George’s Church, is an independent, non-sectarian school for children ages 2.5 to 5.5 years old.  We create an atmosphere of warmth and understanding so that all children can realize their full potential both as individuals and as members of a group.  
Jack and Jill is a play-based program where children learn through investigation, experimentation, and hands-on experiences.  Our program strives to encourage each child’s interests as well as diversity in the achievement of goals.  


We invite you to come tour our school.



Upcoming Events

Application Deadline for 2018-2019 school year is November 15th.


Parents Tours are available from November 1st through December 20th.


Playdate Interviews will be scheduled from January 8th through February 9th. 



Now accepting applications for Spring 2018.


Applications for Summer 2018 playgroup will be posted in February 2018.


Applications for Fall 2018 playgroup will be posted in May 2018.